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Begynt med noen par, mens Steven og Klaus begynte birdie kjøret allerede på de første hullene, så begynte spillet å komme sammen.

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Laget birdie, birdie, eagle på 4,5,6 så var det bare å tute å kjøre.

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A pool pump must be installed by a licensed or certified electrician or a qualified pool serviceman in accordance with the National Electrical Code and all applicable local codes and ordinances. Make sure all electrical breakers and switches are turned off before wiring motor. When in doubt use a heavier gauge (larger diameter) wire.

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Improper installation will create an electrical hazard which could result in death or serious injury to pool users, installers, or others due to electrical shock, and may also cause damage to property. Make sure that the wiring voltage matches the motor voltage (230v or 115v). Heavier gauge will allow the motor to run cooler and more efficient.

Flomax condenstate pot:

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